EC Cabin Flex (1)

EC Cabin Flex


EC Cabin Flex is a modular system built with high-quality materials and components, to meet demands for high quality, low maintenance, and low energy consumption sites.

The integrated displacement cooling system with PCM is designed specifically to ensure optimal
operation/maintenance/temperature control with very low OPEX and service/maintenance costs.

The Cabin Flex is highly insulated and extremely low Energy consuming with great power savings and low CO₂ emission, compared to sites cooled by the airconditioner. The unit ensures an extremely low noise level, which makes it suitable for installation in populated areas with no negative feedback. Turnkey delivery of these units provides simple and fast installation while minimizing downtime and cost. Customer equipment can be included in turnkey delivery. (UPS; inverter batteries etc..).

Walls and doors can be fabricated according to the European Fire Class EI60 and can be equipped with optional intumescent fire dampers in the same fire class.

Also suited for remote locations, including Energy Cloud for remote service, ensuring that a major part of service can be executed remotely.

The unit can be adapted based on customer needs/ requirements


Furthermore, the shelter system can be equipped with:

  • Integrated solar panels on the roof
  • Low-energy cooling solutions
  • Document holder
  • Locking systems
  • Lightweight floor construction
  • Alternative colours
  • LSA box
  • Roxtec
  • Battery Shelf
  • Customization
  • Fire Grates
  • Caps
  • Light
  • Monitoring via Cloud
  • Damper
  • EC Cabin Flex can be produced in different sizes