001641002 EC Cabin Flex

EC Cabin Flex


EC Cabin Flex is a modular build system designed for a long-life expectation. Being modular gives the advantages that it can be adapted to customer needs, easily expanded after time, be equipped with Positive Displacement Cooling and Thermal Storage for using night temperatures to cool daytime operation and require a minimum of maintenance.

The overall focus of the design is to provide a safe, durable and green solution which can be operated with far less OPEX than conventional systems due to its:

  • European high-quality components and materials standard
  • Remote Service platform ensuring that major part of service can be executed remotely
  • Positive Displacement cooling, which provide same cooling with 80%+ less cost than usual A/C ventilation systems
  • Thermal storage based on PCM technique enabling annual operation without A/C and related costs


Furthermore, the shelter system can be equipped with:

  • Solar PV solution, to reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Fuel Cell solution to support/for “prolonged” operation beyond battery backup
  • Firesafe EI 60 casing material

The EC Cabin Flex can be produced in different sizes.