A future sustainable world – Together we can make a difference

Energy Cool Concept Factory 

Energy Cool local factoring concept can be established all over the world at 6 Month from approved building permit. Turn-key green assembly factory with all inventory and operation systems ready to produce low energy systems.


Reduce C02 emission and environmentally impact

  • Factory building self-supported by green energy
  • Less transport of materials and products
  • Reduce waste and packaging
  • Built in sustainable materials

Local production

  • Supports local growth
  • Local labour and employment
  • Productions materials supplied by local manufactures 
  • Flexible and fast supply of daily operational replacements
  • Supply possibility to make local adjustments or customizing

Concept thinking

  • 100% scalable and complete business case before establish
  • Joint venture ownership and knowledge sharing across borders
  • Thoroughly tested setup with all operating systems and complete product program
  • Reduce the operation cost and joint procurement, supply local products
  • Global standard quality assistance with scale up from other local factoring plants
  • 6 months from building permit to fully functional green factory