EC Outdoor Flex

EC Outdoor Flex E


EC Outdoor Flex E is an outdoor cabinet made of fire-resistant and weather-resistant materials. The basic outdoor cabinet is delivered with an integrated displacement cooling system, which is designed specifically to ensure optimal operation under the conditions found in these types of outdoors. The unit ensures an extremely low noise level (<42db(a)) and power consumption (<160W/h) while controlling the cold air at the desired height.

The unit is equipped with a recirculation damper securing optimal temperature, even with extremely low outside temperatures. Due to the low power consumption, the units can be connected to an UPS system, without the need for an upgrade.

Turnkey delivered these units provide simple and fast installation while minimizing the downtime and cost. Customer equipment can be included in turnkey delivery (UPS, inverter etc). The unit can be adapted to the needs and requirements set by our customers. Several standard options are available.


  • Cabinet material Stone wool EI-60
  • Insulation 100 mm (3,9'') stone wool 
  • Noise level at normal speed 42 dB(a)
  • Capacity ventilation 4,5 kW
  • Maximum power consumption 160 W
  • Voltage 48 VDC / 3A
  • Weight 350 kg (772 lbs)
  • Dimensions WxHxD 1262 x 1940 x 945 mm (49,7x76,4x37,2'')


  • 19" rack
  • LSA box
  • Battery Shelf
  • Light
  • Roxtec
  • Customization