20 December 2023

Energy Cool receives Danish Industry Initiative Award 2023

Energy Cool receives Danish Industry Initiative Award 2023

Holistic innovation, social responsibility and a sustainable vision.

At Energy Cool, we are enormously honored to receive Danish Industry Initiative Award 2023. The initiative award is given to innovative companies that have shown a special initiative.

Thanks to DI - Danish Industry, local partners and all employees for the recognition.

Our DNA is rooted in a passion for development, which is evident from a number of different initiatives within social responsibility, holistic innovation and the green transition. Through ground-breaking technology and forward-looking solutions, we continue to support a greener infrastructure and thereby contribute to a sustainable future.

Our vision is to be the world's most scalable and sustainable producer within our industry.

Director Henrik Thorsen says that as a responsible company, we have a clear and sustainable strategy and work actively towards environmental, social and management goals globally. Communication, trust and curiosity are the keys behind a successful team. Our sustainability profile and strategy outline how we contribute to the green transition and adapt our efforts to global initiatives, including the UN's Global Goals.

Our product portfolio is proof of our commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions. This ground-breaking technology maintains optimal temperatures in edge data centers, even in extreme climates from -25 to +50 °C and uses only natural cooling.

Founded with an entrepreneurial spirit, Energy Cool is driven by a passion to create meaningful change. Our ultimate goal is Net Zero throughout our value chain at all levels, reflecting our commitment to building a sustainable future for generations to come.

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