EC Battery Monitoring

EC Battery Monitoring


  • Automatic monitoring - without site visits - backup time and battery.
  • Automatic testing of battery capacity and backup time without site visits
  • Can be installed on existing Rectifiers and batteries
  • Documentation of complete battery portfolio
  • Reports with complete overview of all sites in network
  • Increase reliability of operation
  • Installation on-site, automatic configuration to cloud

Reduce CAPEX

  • Change battery after performance and not calendar time
  • 15-25% longer battery operational lifetime
  • Report will makes statistic for planning of purchase

Reduce OPEX

  • Possible to plan change of batteries
  • Test available on-line without delay and no site visit needed
  • If something change at the network equipment, it will change the backup time. Planned up or downgrade before site visits


  • Cell level monitoring and reporting