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Probably the world's most reliable and CO₂-friendly cooling systems

Energy Cool has developed a unique triple cool solution. In combination with Free air, air storage and DX can solve cooling requirements all places on our planet, with extreme low energy usage.

Our Products

- The Cool way to save Energy -

Energy Cool offers a variety of unique products specifically developed for use in the telecom, fibre, broadcast and energy industry, which uses technical rooms. Besides lowering the energy/CO₂ consumption by up to 95 % and the noise level with up to 50% and the same time the operational performance is increased.

Installation times are reduced by using modular parts that connect easily and quickly by Plug N’ Play.

Our products are modular and therefor capacity expansion is fast and easily achieved. We take pride in developing customized solutions that benefit our customers and especially the environment

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Energy Cool's free cooling products based upon displacement theory. Significantly reducing Power consumption, CO₂ production as well as maintenance cost.


Outdoor Flex Cabinets are highly isolated and can be fire secured for up to 60 minutes and has integrated free cooling solutions.
Outdoor Flex can be delivered as Outdoor Flex only or as a turn key solution. The units can be delivered in 2 standard sizes, but can be customized specificly for our customers needs.


The Cabin Flex is a modular build system designed for a long-life expectation. Being modular gives the advantages that they can be adapted to customer needs, expanded after time, and require a minimum of maintenance.

EC Monitoring Solutions

Even though Energy Cool has a large portfolio that covers most solutions, it might be that something special is required. Challenge us to find the solution you require.


Sometimes a standard solution can not be adapted to a location. Challenge us and we will find the solution.


Replacement of A/C by storage of cooling capacity when its cold and release during warmer period by using free air. Extreme low power consumption and maintenance free. Remove of temperature peaks, without the need for extra cooling capacity and power consumption.

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