Warranty Certificate

For Cooling products, based upon displacement cooling manufactured by Energy Cool


Product type

EC Air 60
EC Air 60 Peak
EC Air Outdoor Peak 90/103
EC Airbox
EC Air Compact TT/DF/OF
EC Air Compact OB/OR


  1. To the Buyer, we thank you for the trust you have shown by buying our EC Air cooling products. With the purchase of the Energy Cool cooling solution, you have become the owner of a modern, high-quality, and highly efficient device that saves energy, uses renewable sources and thus maintains the environment clean. In case the product shall be given to a third person for use, the instructions for use, installation, maintenance, and the warranty certificate must be handed over to them as well.

  2. How to proceed in case of difficulties in system operation: To ensure safe and quality operation of the device all elements of the cooling system must function properly. In the event of non-function or technical failure of individual parts of the system, the device is stopped to protect and secure the system. Over 98 % of all disturbances in the functioning of the system is a result of inappropriate installation or non-function of individual parts of the system and NOT of defects on the device itself. To eliminate disturbances in the operation of the cooling system and of the device proceed as follows:

    a. In case of disturbances in the cooling system's functioning or unexpected shutdown of the device, read thoroughly the User operations and maintenance manual.

    b. If you have general questions regarding the cooling system, device, settings, or optimization of the operation, contact the supplier, the installer or the approved person who carried out the start-up of the device is specified on the warranty certificate or invoice.

    c. In the event of ambiguities first consult the person who installed your cooling system and the person who carried out the start-up of the device to help you determine the reason for the system malfunction and to eliminate the disturbance. In case the malfunction cannot be resolved, contact the customer service of the manufacturer Energy Cool to help you eliminate the malfunction.

  3. Warranty Statement and Conditions: NOTE The warranty shall only apply upon submission of an invoice showing the date of the purchase and/or the product code and serial number of the faulty product. The issuer of the warranty declares:

    a. That within the warranty period, the device shall operate without fault, if used following its purpose and with the instructions for safe usage and maintenance.

    b. That within the warranty period all malfunctions and defects which cause improper functioning of the device shall be eliminated within 45 days after a malfunction has been reported, that within the warranty period, the faulty product shall be replaced with a new one.

    c. That the warranty does not exclude the user’s rights which arise from the responsibility of the seller for the malfunctions of the device. An authorized person shall execute repair of the device (and NOT of the entire cooling system) within the warranty period. The repair shall be carried out at the location of the device. Condition for the enforcement of the guarantee is a regular execution of mandatory annual inspections of the appliance as described in the instructions for use, installation, and maintenance. The warranty shall not apply to consumable goods. The warranty shall cease to be valid, if:

    1. The repair was carried out by an unauthorized person or if the user or an unauthorized person made changes to the service or factory settings on the device control unit,
    2. Non-original parts or/and equipment were used or installed into the device, which were not manufactured or certified by the company Energy Cool
    3. The device was physically damaged due to mechanical impacts, careless handling of the user, third person or force majeure
    4. In the handling of the device the instructions of the manufacturer were not taken into account,
    5. The device is not installed, connected or accessible in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer,
    6. The reason for the malfunctioning of the device is its improper use or inappropriate installation,
    7. One of the components or the device has been altered in any way, neglected, changed, or used inconsistently with its intended use,
    8. The defects or malfunctions are a consequence of improper functioning of the cooling or cooling system (installation and components),
    9. The defects or malfunctions are a consequence of direct use and connection of the groundwater (without an additional exchanger) to the evaporator of the device,
    10. The defects or malfunctions are a consequence of an inappropriate flow of the liquid inside installations due to impurities,
    11. The defects or malfunctions are a consequence of frozen liquid caused by non-compliance with the instructions for use, installation, and maintenance,
    12. The defects or malfunctions are a consequence of a lightning strike, overvoltage, incorrect phase sequence, interruption of power supply, incompatible voltage, or electric shock

d. The issuer of the warranty shall not be responsible:

    1. For the correct choice of the device, project planning and execution of the entire system, despite the execution and validation of the start-up,
    2. For the entire internal and external manipulation of the equipment, spare parts or the device for the purposes of repair, maintenance or on-site replacement, if the equipment is not accessible with manual transport devices or does not comply with the manufacturer’s instructions,
    3. For malfunction, defect or damage caused by devices, that were not installed by the manufacturer and are connected to the device or its controller,
    4. For the loss or damage of the device due to theft, fire or natural disaster.
    5. For direct or reflex damage, namely for actual damage to property as well as for lost profit, caused by the use of the product or by a defect in the product,
    6. For any damage caused by the use of a secondary cooling source in the time when the device was under repair,
    7. For any damage caused as a result of an inappropriate installation, wrong choice of the cooling system elements (elements not included in the project documentation),
    8. For the functioning of the cooling system as a whole, of the secondary cooling source, of all other elements of the cooling system, of the liquid flow in the cooling system and for the ventilation of the cooling system. This is the responsibility of the installer of the system.


Energy Cool Aps
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Guarantees as the issuer of the warranty in Denmark the repair free of charge for the device specified in compliance with the applicable regulations, instructions for installation, use, and maintenance as well as with the conditions described in this warranty certificate.

The general warranty of the device is valid for 26 months from the date of shipment of the products. The manufacturer shall not be responsible for material damage or personal injury due to inappropriate installation, incorrect use, or wrong/unnecessary repair.