Energy Cool has 100% focus on Safety, operations and reducing climate impact.

Energy Cool Safety

Our cooling systems have few moving parts, which are manufactured by reputable brand manufacturers. All systems have variable operation, so the technical room always has the most optimal operating conditions. In the summer, it is ensured that the heat in the room is removed and, in the winter, it is ensured that the room is temperate. Installations that are properly installed are extremely reliable, even when the summer heat is at its peak. Service calls on sites in operation are minimal and our error rate is counted in thousandths of a percentage.

Our cooling systems can be connected to Our Energy Cloud system, which can monitor changes in the rooms general equipment, so that customization and maintenance can be done as a scheduled service. It is possible to access real-time data, or week / month reports, which may show. errors or changes in technical equipment in the room and thereby on the cooling system's capacity. As an option, battery monitoring can be provided, which provides an overview of current backup time, as well as the possibility of planning replacements.

Energy Cool Savings

The biggest saving lies in a considerably lower power consumption for cooling. With a COP 96, efficiency and energy class A+.

Energy Cool will probably supply the market's lowest power consumption for cooling systems. Operation and maintenance are also extremely economical and maintenance work is not required by specially trained personnel, but can be carried out by persons who come into the room for other reasons. Thereby you can connect several visits to the room together and save to drive only for one task at a time. When using the Energy Cloud, one can see faults in the operator equipment, or cooling system before the fault causes malfunction, with the possibility of planning repair, instead of having to be done urgently at a breakdown. Energy Cool's system therefore delivers a "triple" saving, on power, number of runs and administration.

Energy Cool Green

The significant savings it entails using Energy Cool free cooling equipment and cloud contribute to a significantly lower production of electricity and emissions from cars, which reduces the environmental impact, as well as CO₂ emissions. We think green, because we are passionate about making a difference. Energy cool wants with its products to contribute to a greener global future. The power consumption for cooling is a major part of the total power consumption in the world. By reducing the consumption for cooling by up to 95%, CO₂ emissions are significantly reduced. On average, the environment is saved for 4 tons of CO₂ per. years per site, each time switching from a traditional cooling system to an Energy Cool system. We all have a global responsibility for the future of our children.