EC Air 60


The EC Air 60 displacement unit is designed specifically to ensure optimal operation under the conditions found in unmanned technology rooms. The unit ensures a low noise level and power consumption while controlling the cold air at the desired height. The EC Air 60 can be equipped with a recirculation damper and an advanced, reliable electronic control with user-friendly display. The control allows remote control and data analysis. All connectors can be connected as Plug N 'Play for easy and quick installation. Depending on the need for cooling, up to 12 units can be connected as master/slave

Controller types

EC Air 60 also comes in an EC Air 60-S and EC Air 60-L edition. These solutions are equipped with controls that offer fewer and more options, respectively. This allows you to choose the optimal solution according to your needs. The option with re-circulation damper and web-/modbus card can only be selected with a large controller.

  • Casing material 1 mm galvanized steel plate
  • Noise level at normal speed (1 m outside) 42 db(a) (see data sheet for sound)
  • Duo filter w. long life - displacement bag
  • Capacity ventilation up to 6 kW pr. unit (max 12 units pr. room)
  • Maximum power consumption 48 VDC/3A
  • Ambient temperature -10°C/+60°C
  • Power consumption, standby 4 W
  • Voltage 48VDC (optional other power inputs can be supplied)
  • Motor power 10-110 W (140 W) (factory setting)
  • Maximum airflow 1485 m³/h (80% fanspeed)
  • Weight 49 kg
  • Dimensions W x H x D = 600 x 600 x 752 mm
  • Control options small or large controller
EC Air 60-S301003
EC Air 60-S re-circulation-
EC Air 60-L301004
EC Air 60-L re-circulation301001
EC Air 60-L Peak Control301007⚙*

* Either 3 or 4 layer can be selected. Unused layers can be blinded.

✔ = yes

✘ = no

⚙ = optional